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diana in no-mans land

I recently met the owner of a great vintage clothing store, La Principal Retro, in Barcelona and he agreed to let me use some of his stock for a test shoot so I went with a stylist – @verotirritom – to choose some items. I’d been trying to meet us with Diana for a couple of weeks and though originally to do a sunrise session but this came up and I thought she would suit it perfectly. It turns out she’s really into vintage clothes too, so perfect.

Vero chose some pieces for Diana to wear – 6 or 7 outfits, and we went to a spot on the way out of the city I go past a lot, the river outlet at Sant Adria, on the way to Badalona. It always caught my eye and it turned out to be just want I wanted. It’s kind of ‘nowhere’.

It’s nature but not natural, and it’s city but no-one stays there, they just go through.

It’s the feeling I got from that JG Ballard book Concrete Island.

Diana was superb, the styling was just right, and the light did pretty much what I wanted.

Paul Hyde /

Styling: Veronica

Wardrobe:La Principal Retro

Role Model: Diana


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